So how do we work together to bring about less and stress better work?

To start with:

1/ We spend some time together – on the phone, on Skype or in person – looking at what you perceive as the issues you would like to address. I like to get a flavour of how you think your work-life actually functions and what, in an ideal world, it would feel like if you could change it for the better. This initial encounter is also a valuable opportunity to get to know you and helps us clarify objectives as we form our working relationship.

2/ I come to your normal work environment and observe you in your ‘natural habitat’ for a short while. Thereafter we will look at your work environment and your current systems (or lack of) to identify practical measures that match with how you currently work – that can be adopted, with minimum pain and maximum pleasure, to optimise your work-flow.

3/ Be honest: how many emails do you have in your inbox right now? Worse, how many have not actually been read, and never will be? Let's spend some quality time learning techniques,and developing a mindset to get your inbox to zero, and to keep it that way. If you gain nothing else from the time we spend together, the emptying and keeping empty of your inbox and the accompanying sense of relief will change the day-to-day reality of your working life – forever.

I tailor custom-built practical solutions for you in your environment. Typically these include:

– creating a clear uncluttered workspace that helps design a productive area to work in;

– building pain free strategies into your life that will improve your productivity and ease your stress;

– using list-management techniques to build a system that you can trust and will use;

– showing you how to be the master of your inbox, not its slave!

It's important that we have fun along the way too! Work is something we spend so much of our time doing, if we cannot find simple joy in doing it, well, perhaps it's time to contemplate a career change!

By refocusing, gaining clarity on what is important, and what is not, your work rate will increase and your sense of control will heighten. A greater sense of control reduces stress, which in turn helps us gain greater clarity, and the virtuous circle is complete!

Productivity Coaching for individuals and groups