Ommwriter - be calm dear typist

I'm writing this in Ommwriter, one of a number of uncluttered work space writing applications that are out there. It's available right now to download as a free beta release. Normally I use WriteRoom, I like the simple old school black background and retro green lettering filling my screen with nothing else to distract me from just writing.

Ommwritter however goes a little further, and a lot more Zen. Moving the mouse reveals the menu and scroll "line" which is  simply beautiful in it's spare elegance. I have the option to toggle playing ambient background noise over a gorgeous simple screen background. As I type I hear my key strokes playing back like soft rain drops, underscoring the very gentle trance music, that I can select from a few limited options, or choose to turn off entirely. Formatting options are very lean, a  couple of fonts and sizes, there's no underscoring or flagging of  my terrible spelling.......I'm just typing in a rather serene environment. Add a save button, and well, that's all there is.

I can either save as an Ommwriter file to come back to at a later time, or as a generic .txt file. I tend to cut and paste into Word to tidy up spelling before actually using, as with this blog entry.

I may be kidding myself, but I like writing in plain unfussy environments as it feels like all I'm doing is letting my mind be creative about what my fingers type on the screen. And, well, it just looks, and sounds so cool.

A great writing tool for chilled Mac (only) users  who just want to "zero in", and productively /creatively write, without the bother or distraction of the usual screen real estate noise.
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