Lewes Arts Network

I have had in mind for some time wanting to form a networking opportunity, comprising a loose grouping of Arts practitioners / representatives of Arts organisations from here in Lewes. I'm envisioning something analogous to the local business communities "First Friday" network events that happen at the Lamb and Flag. My working title for a similar event is the Lewes Arts Network.

I'm thinking of a fairly informal grouping, with an interest in live performance ( although not excluding, say visual arts), open to all, Pro.'s and Community. Initially I suspect it would at the very least be useful to put names to faces, set out our stall of current and future work, and try to avoid date clashes! I'm seeing this as a low key , inaugural meeting of a Lewes Arts Network, perhaps meeting a few times a year, as a networking opportunity, perhaps with ongoing email contact, or even a blog, for issues of shared concern.

I imagine this developing into informal discussions such as the lack of town box office, ticketing, creating and retaining audiences, funding, resource sharing etc. Long term, dear to many of us, is the idea of a theatre/arts centre type space for the town.....surely worthy of some considered thought by those with an interest in these things!

With this in mind, I have gone ahead and booked the Lewes Arms upstairs between 1900 - 2100 on Wednesday 25th November, and am in the process of sending out invites to possible interested parties.

I've put a (non exhaustive) list of invitees together, and am endeavoring to find named individuals to personally write to and invite. My list includes:

The Paddock
Lewes Live Lit
Lewes Little Theatre
Artimis Arts
Colleagues Planning a street event in Lewes 2011
Lewes Operatic Society
Lewes Community Theatre
East Sussex Arts partnership
All Saints Centre
Sussex Downs Performing Arts
Synergy Theatre
Zu gallery / parties
The Con Club
plus other including actor / producer friends

If you would like to come along, do drop me an email.

At worst a few of us have an excuse to go to a jolly nice pub for a couple of hours and have a catch up!

A new pay deal for the West End?

It has been some years since I last worked in the West End, but I still cant help feeling angry that the Sunday opening proposition has reared its ugly head again. My reading online and in the press suggests that there appears to be no mood or appetite to fight against this deal. Are we so easily bought that with the lure of increased cash we will give away important and hard won working practices?

Lets not sleepwalk into this terrible deal for the sake of and "easy" pay rise.

How long since the last Blog entry...??

Oh dear, all a bit embarrassing, my last posting was after "Mirandolina" finished , LAST YEAR!.

Since then Christmas came and went, followed by being out on tour as Company Stage Manager for TEG ltd's "Blonde Bombshells of 1943", a great show, with another great bunch of folks. Those of you reading this on my Facebook profile, will no doubt have seen the photos from some of the more comedy nights out. Another great gig. Highlights for me were the weekly re-lights, something I haven't had a chance to do a lot of over the years, and touring in a 1984 Renault Traffic Camper van (called Reggie!).

No sooner of tour, than Production Manager for Dan Colmans Ltd production of Milkshake! LIve

Back off Tour

Back off tour, and back in the office. Mirandolina was great fun, what a lovely company, and top small scale tour.

Back in the Paddock office lots of planning and churning over ideas for the future........

We are planning a bit of a Xmas Bash, which should be great fun, and may even raise some money for us to pay the bills!

Meanwhile my phone has been ringing off the hook with lots of work offers and availbilty checks, mostley for gigs in the New Year. Off to London tommorrow , so hopefully may lock one ( or two ) of these gigs into place!


Well , it all seems like something of a blur now, but finally, I did my last bit of Finnish Prisoner related work and got my tools out of the venue last week!

The show DVD's pretty much sold out within 48 hours of going onto Ebay, and the photos on Flickr have been widely browsed but seemingly no-one wanted to donate any cash to us for downloads!

Had a great August with the family, went to Crete, camping and a long weekend in Butlins with my daughter ( no really, it was fun!)

Back in the saddle with my Stage Manager / Production Manager hats on for Mirandolina and having a great time.

Ola Madrid!

In case any of you from the Madrid Course are reading this, I will try to post my seminar notes on the downloads page at some point over the weekend.

I had a great time with you all, hope it was a useful session for you, and you are haveing/have had another great time with Sarah!



CAD drawings

My summer wasn't all camping and gin and tonic's; I took the opportunity of some down time to reacquaint my self with CAD drafting, something I really enjoy and have simply got out of the habbit of doing.

As a long time Macintosh computer user AutoCad isn't an option, (even if it was, its a very expensive application). My programme of choice is TurboCAD . If you need one off plans produced drop me a line, drawings can be produced in either paper or electronic versions from your sketches or I can survey / design for you.

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