A new pay deal for the West End?

It has been some years since I last worked in the West End, but I still cant help feeling angry that the Sunday opening proposition has reared its ugly head again. My reading online and in the press suggests that there appears to be no mood or appetite to fight against this deal. Are we so easily bought that with the lure of increased cash we will give away important and hard won working practices?

Lets not sleepwalk into this terrible deal for the sake of and "easy" pay rise.


Well , it all seems like something of a blur now, but finally, I did my last bit of Finnish Prisoner related work and got my tools out of the venue last week!

The show DVD's pretty much sold out within 48 hours of going onto Ebay, and the photos on Flickr have been widely browsed but seemingly no-one wanted to donate any cash to us for downloads!

Had a great August with the family, went to Crete, camping and a long weekend in Butlins with my daughter ( no really, it was fun!)

Back in the saddle with my Stage Manager / Production Manager hats on for Mirandolina and having a great time.

Back To Work

Well long summer holiday over, gearing up for work again with a bang. Splitting my time between:

1/ ongoing Paddock projects including planning a tour of our very successful Elsie Piddock production for next year, planning our move into new office and rehearsal space, and thinking about medium to long term projects like an opera, and Something to Dance About 2 (Return of the Hoofers!).

2/ Working with the very lovely folk at Dodgy Totty in Brighton on their current project Open for Business part of the Brighton & Hove Arts Commission’s making a difference initiative funded with lottery money from the Millennium Commission and Arts Council England through the Urban Cultural Programme

3/ Some occasional teaching and production supervisor work

Productivity Coaching for individuals and groups